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Why do we pay so much attention to the dancing flames of a campfire? And what happens to us when we look at the sea? No one can escape this magic.

I design mechanically generated kinetics which mimic natural movements and thus trigger corresponding emotions. That is why it is possible to integrate the calming effect into hectic urban space, for example, through the targeted placement of these installations. Because this is a phenomenon independent of gender, culture, age etc., there is no classic target group. For this reason, the areas of application are manifold:

Art, culture, commerce, health care...


At the EuroShop 2020, one of these installations was the medium for the welcome text of the fair booth of the Retail Design course of study at the Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences.



Concept and design: Nadine Nebel

Images: Sophie Matysek

Video: Mark Weerasuriya

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