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Bottom-up. Top-down. Repeat

At EuroShop 2020, the Retail Design course of study at Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences will occupy a stand area of 675 square metres. The exhibition architecture shows different sizes of constructions made of 45 degree inclined scaffolding combined with textile banner coverings. This given structure provided the inspiration to integrate a kind of oversized marble run. Thus the installation "Bottom-up. Top-down. Repeat" was created. With a standard construction lift leaning against the scaffolding, the trade fair visitors transport the "marbles" six metres into the air. Then they roll through the scaffolding poles before they arrive at the bottom of the construction lift and the game begins again. The marbles are black gymnastics balls that also serve as seating for the visitors and are distributed throughout the entire exhibition area.

The installation is primarily intended to catch the eye and give pleasure. It also addresses the fact that the two states "above and below" are mutually dependent. Without the one, the other does not exist either.

Video coming soon.



Concept and design: Nadine Nebel

Images: Sophie Matysek

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