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Follow the lights

Together, Nadine Nebel and Peter Thoma have developed a work that allows visitors to interact playfully with a shop window of the former Stern-Verlag in Düsseldorf. "Follow the Lights" is both a memory game and a speed game. The game is started by touching the hand. First a light lights up. The passerby must quickly touch the corresponding flower. Thereupon the same plus another light lights up. Now both the first and the second flower must be touched. After that, a third light is added... and so on. In total, the game includes 64 levels. Feel free to film yourselves playing and send us the videos. Those who manage the most levels will get a prize. Because of Covid 19 it is enough if you do not touch the window, but only get close to it.



Concept and design: Nadine Nebel, Peter Thoma

Images and Video: Nadine Nebel, Thanks to Frédérik Wiegand,

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